Whitepaper Writing and Content Marketing for Blockchain Technology 

When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was impossible.

— Jeff Garzik

Blockchain: Hype, a niche technology, or the next internet?

By now, blockchain is well on its way to maturity. Skeptics who used to scoff at distributed ledger technologies have shamefully retreated with their tails between their legs.

Despite this, raising funding for your blockchain startup is far from easy. Private and institutional investors have been misled by fraudulent projects and nontransparent legal architectures in the past. And very few can keep up with the constantly changing terminology — ICO, STO, IEO, IAO?

This being the case, blockchain startup founders and CMOs need to spend extra time figuring out how to explain what you do in a way that makes sense to non-techies — investors in particular, but customers and the media as well. 

Enter: Intellicore Press blockchain writing specialists. We are the link between your technology and the world, helping you find the words to explain the value that you are bringing to the market in a way that potential investors, customers, and the general public can understand.

We take time to understand your technology and your business on a deeper level and figure out how to write whitepapers that get investors and customers excited about your idea.

To see what this looks like, check out our previous work and see what people are saying about us.

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