Fun fact: Whitepaper writing is easy.

To be precise, it is easy in much the same way that Javascript programming, deep-sea diving and, yes, brain surgery are easy: Once you’ve become good at it, it all seems so obvious.

But when you’re trying it for the first time?

It feels a bit like flying blind.

We at Intellicore Press have seen whitepapers written by our clients in all stages of development. Most of the more advanced ones that were written by founders or developers were pretty solid – however, it was obvious to us that they could easily be taken to a whole new level by fixing just a few little things.

Want to know more? Learn about the 5 most common whitepaper mistakes in less than 15 minutes:

ICO whitepaper writing: You’re the best for the job.

Although writing and revising whitepapers is what we at Intellicore Press do for a living, we still believe that founders and developers are best qualified to write their own whitepapers.

But we also know that time is limited when you’re approaching the big launch, and that not everyone is a natural-born writer.

Based on our experience and data from the whitepapers of the most successful ICOs in recent years, we have developed our ICO Whitepaper Academy: A suite of tools to help you craft the best possible whitepaper, at the best price, for the best results.

The ICO Whitepaper Academy

The Hands-On ICO Whitepaper Template
... will get you started right away.
Our proven whitepaper template, based on data from ICOs that have raised more than $500 million and our own experience in > 20 ICO projects.
PDF Template
Editable Template (DOCX for Word)
Editable Template (ODT for LibreOffice and others)
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The Premium Whitepaper Guide & Coaching
... the bonus program to score points with your investors!
Everything in our Ultimate Guide - plus an individual coaching session on how to position your whitepaper with investors.
PDF Template
Editable Template (DOCX for Word)
Editable Template (ODT for LibreOffice and others)
Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Successful Whitepaper
Extended 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Individual Coaching Session with Dr. Christina
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P.S.: You can upgrade from one offer to the next at any time and for a full refund – just drop us a quick e-mail.