Our Mission

Helping tech companies to capture their value in a language investors, customers, and the public can understand.

What We Do

Technology is changing the fabric of the world we live in — and that idea is what invigorates us to keep coming to work every day. We work with the founders, creators, and engineers who are operating at the cusp of this massive technological shift. As they toil to tweak their product to be the best it can be, we find just the right words that bring their product to life.

We know exactly what to say to:

  • Make investors look up from their phones and start paying attention
  • Help customers understand why your product will make their lives that much easier
  • Create content that people will want to read

We give you the chance to do what you do best: focus on making your core product even better. As far as developing a marketing strategy or communicating with investors? Leave that to us.

How We Got Here

You don’t have to be a superhero to lead a double-life.

Nobody knows this better than Christina, the founder of Intellicore Press.

Physician by day, nerd by night, Christina easily floated between the hospital and a local hackers meeting, feeling equally at home among both the tech-savvy and technology-challenged.

Early on, Christina recognized that she was rather unique in this regard.

Far from feeling comfortable with technology, many of her colleagues were gripped with a paralyizing fear whenever technology invaded their professional lives – to the point where some would close their practice for several days in order to electronically submit their quarterly billing.

At the same time, Christina knew with absolute certainty that incorporating technology into medical institutions could improve patient care by lowering waiting times, keeping better track of patients’ files, and ensuring patients’ lab values were reported in a timely manner.

Yet communication between doctors and informaticians was almost comically bad. So bad, that they couldn’t even agree on a medium of communication— the informaticians would only communicate electronically, while the doctors insisted on phone conversations.

While this abhorrent state of affairs wasn’t necessarily anyone’s fault, it needed to be changed. And if hospitals were ostracizing technology, the situation must be equally dire — if not more so — in other industries.

With a strong background in medical informatics, information and cyber security, Christina set her sights on becoming the nerd-translator to help non-techies implement technological solutions into their lives – even writing a book, “Write About IT, Less Badly”, to recruit other writers to the noble art of nerd-translation.

Czeschik, Lindhorst: Weniger schlecht über IT schreiben

After being bombarded with more cases than she could handle as a solo freelancer, Christina realized that the divide between techies and non-techies was even wider than she previously believed.

And thus, Intellicore Press was born, a collective of designers, writers, strategists, and marketers that bridge the gap between the worlds of nerds and non-nerds — helping technology companies can send the right message in a way that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach.