Whitepaper Packages

Basic Whitepaper Draft

This is how your idea will see the light of day: A living draft as a foundation for later, more elaborate documents, as a brief for pre-ICO investors, or to get new team members up to speed. Includes description of the concept and market, technical outline (as provided by the client), outline of tokenomics and a pre-flight checklist of open issues your team needs to address.

Approx. 10 pages.

$1200 USD

Full Whitepaper

Our best-selling package: Complete presentation of industry challenges, unique selling proposition of the project, market overview and niche, technical specifications (as provided by client), tokenomics and ICO details.

Approx. 20 pages.

$2400 USD

Advanced Whitepaper

The package of choice in research-heavy industries or for projects facing considerable competition.

Including interviews with technical and industry experts (contacts provided by the client) and/or in-depth market research.

Approx. 30 pages.

$3600 USD


1 standardized page = 300 words.

Each Whitepaper Package contains two rounds of revisions and suggestions and drafts for relevant diagrams and illustrations.

We do not offer graphics design; however, we can connect you to our competent design partners.


PR Packages

Press Package

One press release per month and monthly press review.

$1500 USD per month

Content Marketing Package

Weekly, thoroughly researched blog posts relevant to your project and audience.

For your project’s Medium page or self-hosted blog.

$1200 USD per month

Twitter Package

Influencer research and following.

3 tweets and retweets a day, carefully researched to match your project’s image and your audience’s interests.

Management of incoming questions and comments.

$900 USD per month


Singles and Specials

Premium Press Release

400 to 600 words, no images.

Dissemination to our proprietary list of more than 1,000 active cryptocurrency investors.

$1200 USD

Regular Press Release

400 to 600 words, up to one image.

Including dissemination to 4 to 7 free press portals.

$360 USD

Single Blog Post

Approx. 500 words.

$240 USD

Customized Services

Ghostwriting, placement of guest articles, placement of press releases in fee-based outlets

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