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Content Marketing & PR Packages

Press Package

Is your company moving forward so fast that you don’t have time to write everything down? Or maybe you have written press releases, but you can’t find journalists that will publish them?

Look no further than our press package, which includes a monthly press release and press review. We’ll work with you to write informative and engaging press releases that people will actually want to read — and help you reach the exact people you want to be reaching.

  • $1800 USD per month

Content Marketing Package

Today’s consumers are making more informed purchasing decisions than consumers past, and demand high-quality content that is authentic, informative, and helpful.

We’ll help you develop thoroughly researched blog posts that speak to your target audience, published on your Medium page or self-hosted blog once a week — maximizing the likelihood of turning visitors into customers.

  • $2400 USD per month

Social Media Management Package

Are you using social media as well as you could be? Are you using the right channels, connecting with the right people, posting the right content?

An effective social media strategy is a lot to handle. That’s where we come in. We’ll develop a social media strategy that works with your business needs — and make sure you’re connecting with the right people. We’ll research and follow relevant influencers, create posts that resonate with your target audience, build trust with followers through authentic engagement, and manage all incoming questions and comments.

  • $1200-$2500 USD per month (depending on the number of social media channels that are managed)

The Integrated Marketing Package

Developing an effective marketing strategy is no joke — and if you’re going to do it right, you’re going to need to cover all your bases. Our full package deal is the real deal: public relations, content marketing, and social media management all rolled into one. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to let any potential lead slip by, this is the package for you.

  • $6500 USD per month

The Mix and Match Package

Looking for a little of this, a little of that? We are happy to work with you to fine-tune a customized package that exactly fits your business needs.

Contact us for an individual consultation to develop a marketing strategy that works best for you!

Pitch Deck Packages

Starter Kit: Basic Pitch Deck

Send your message in a way that sticks, by keeping it clear, simple, and concise. We will write and design your individual pitch deck based on the data you provide (business plan, whitepapers, or other materials), and revise so it makes a lasting impression on future investors (up to 10 slides).

  • $900 USD

Professional Kit: Full Pitch Deck

This package contains everything in the Starter Kit, plus feedback on strengths and weaknesses from our start-up specialist. Our industry experts will also provide revisions, suggestions, and perform in-depth market research (up to 20 slides).

  • $1800 USD

Doctor’s Orders: Individual Pitch Deck

Did you receive a bit of problematic feedback from your initial audience and need additional market research — or just an expert opinion?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get your pitch deck fixed!

Whitepaper Packages

Starter Kit: Basic Whitepaper Draft

Breathe life into your idea with a living draft as a strong foundation for future development. This draft can serve as a baseline for more future documents, a brief for pre-ICO investors, or as a way to bring new team members up to speed. Includes a description of the concept and market, technical outline (based on technical details provided by yourself), outline of tokenomics and a pre-flight checklist of open issues your team needs to address.

  • $1500 USD

Launch Package: Full Whitepaper

Our best-selling package: Complete presentation of industry challenges, unique selling proposition of the project, market overview and niche, technical specifications (based on technical details provided by yourself), tokenomics and ICO details.

  • $3500 USD

Enterprise Program: Advanced Whitepaper

The package of choice in research-heavy industries or for projects facing considerable competition, the advanced whitepaper covers any information even the most diligent investors or customers could wish for – polished to shine!

Includes interviews with technical and industry experts (contacts provided by the client) and/or in-depth market research.

  • $4800 USD

X-Ray Check: Whitepaper Review

Already have a whitepaper, but want to make sure that it’s the best it can be?

This offer includes a complete review of your whitepaper, including both structure and content: Logical flow, chapter granularity, relevance of background research, plausibility of business model and tokenomics – as well as concrete and actionable suggestions for improvement.

  • $800 USD

Bootstrappers’ Kit: The Ultimate ICO/STO Whitepaper Guide & Template

Our tried-and-true ICO whitepaper template, including a detailed guide to lead you through each step of a whitepaper project, based on the expertise of dozens of successful projects.

Find out more and get access to a free PDF primer in our Whitepaper Academy!

Business Plans

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Customized Services

Ghostwriting, placement of guest articles, placement of press releases in fee-based outlets.

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