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Pitch Deck Packages

Starter Kit: Basic Pitch Deck

Clearly, simply, concisely: Convey your message in a way that sticks. We will write and design your individual pitch deck based on the data you provide (business plan, whitepaper, or other materials) – revised for maximum impact with your future investors (up to 10 slides).

  • $900 USD

Professional Kit: Full Pitch Deck

This package contains everything in the Starter Kit, plus our specialist input on strong points and weaknesses, revisions, suggestions and additional research by our industry experts (up to 20 slides).

  • $1800 USD

Doctor’s Orders: Individual Pitch Deck

Got some problematic feedback from your early audience, need more market research or an independent specialist’s view?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get your pitch deck fixed!

Whitepaper Packages

Starter Kit: Basic Whitepaper Draft

This is how your idea will see the light of day: A living draft as a foundation for later, more elaborate documents, as a brief for pre-ICO investors, or to get new team members up to speed. Includes description of the concept and market, technical outline (based on technical details provided by yourself), outline of tokenomics and a pre-flight checklist of open issues your team needs to address.

  • $1500 USD

Launch Package: Full Whitepaper

Our best-selling package: Complete presentation of industry challenges, unique selling proposition of the project, market overview and niche, technical specifications (based on technical details provided by yourself), tokenomics and ICO details.

  • $3500 USD

Enterprise Program: Advanced Whitepaper

The package of choice in research-heavy industries or for projects facing considerable competition, the advanced whitepaper covers any information even the most diligent of investors or customers could wish for – polished to shine!

Including interviews with technical and industry experts (contacts provided by the client) and/or in-depth market research.

  • $4800 USD


Each whitepaper package contains two rounds of revisions of the final version. The packages do not include graphics design. For design inquiries, we will provide you with an individual quote depending on the design elements (logo, CI etc.) that you already have in place.

X-Ray Check: Whitepaper Review

You’ve already got a whitepaper, but you want to make sure that it’s the best you can have?

This offer includes a complete review of your whitepaper, both of structure and content: Logical flow, chapter granularity, relevance of background research, plausibility of business model and tokenomics – as well as concrete and actionable suggestions for improvement.

  • $600 USD

Bootstrappers’ Kit: The Ultimate ICO Whitepaper Guide & Template

Our tried-and-true ICO whitepaper template and a detailed guide leading you through all the steps of a whitepaper project, based on the expertise of dozens of successful projects.

Find out more and get access to a free PDF primer in our Whitepaper Academy!

Business Plans

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PR Packages

Press Package

One press release per month and monthly press review.

  • $1500 USD per month

Content Marketing Package

Weekly, thoroughly researched blog posts relevant to your project and audience.

For your project’s Medium page or self-hosted blog.

  • $1200 USD per month

Twitter Package

Influencer research and following.

3 tweets and retweets a day, carefully researched to match your project’s image and your audience’s interests.

Management of incoming questions and comments.

  • $900 USD per month

Singles and Specials

Premium Press Release

400 to 600 words, no images.

Dissemination to our proprietary list of more than 1,000 active cryptocurrency investors.

  • $1200 USD

Regular Press Release

400 to 600 words, up to one image.

Including dissemination to 4 to 7 free press portals.

  • $360 USD

Single Blog Post

Approx. 500 words.

  • $240 USD

Customized Services

Ghostwriting, placement of guest articles, placement of press releases in fee-based outlets

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