Promote Your ICO or Blockchain Project – and Help a Kid in the Process!

Or a whole bunch of them

Here at Intellicore Press, we recently hosted an AMA (ask me anything) event over at Reddit, in the r/icocrypto sub-reddit: Community participants – that is, really anyone – could ask us questions about the art and science of ICO and blockchain whitepaper writing. Check out the questions and our answers here.

Now, the same opportunity is open to you: Any blockchain project or ICO team can host their own AMA on r/icocrypto, and be an authentic voice in a world full of loud and obnoxious ICO promotion that most investors are not going to read anyway.

There’s just one condition:

Are you ready to donate $10 USD to UNICEF?

Your donation will contribute to one of UNICEF’s many projects supporting children’s lives, lights and education in developing countries and war zones around the world.

Promote your ICO or blockchain project - and help a kid in the process

This offer is part of the r/icocrypto moderators’ effort to clean the sub-reddit from spam and scammy advertisements, and offer genuine, authentic insights into various blockchain ventures to both blockchain entrepreneurs and investors.

Interested? Visit the r/icocrypto sub-reddit and get in touch with the moderators (right sidebar) – or get in touch with us and we’ll make the connection for you.

Remember: Your $10 will go a long way for a kid somewhere in the world, while it may only buy a couple of coffees for your next team meeting.

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