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The potential for blockchain technology is almost limitless, and we know that starting your own blockchain startup can be daunting – whether you are a founder, developer, or otherwise. At Intellicore Press, we understand that coming up with the ideal business plan or whitepaper can be frustrating, and that you might not have the time or experience within the cryptocurrency sector to put together the kind of materials that would attract the investors that you are looking for.

But we’re here to help: Our entire business revolves around researching, writing for, and marketing blockchain startups. We have helped a considerable number of clients not only take the first steps for their startup, but grow to become established brands within the space, using our insight and innovative strategies.

Market Research: Key to Your Success

Not every startup is the same – but one thing that is necessary, no matter what sector or niche you are in, is market research.  There are those that choose to outsource this research, and others who believe that they can handle it themselves.  Either way, there are many key points that startups overlook, especially when it comes to the blockchain sector.  For example, one mistake that we have seen time and time again is that blockchain startups only consider their cryptocurrency competitors, without realizing that it is often their non-blockchain competitors that often pose the biggest threats, as one can solve the same problem with various technologies.

Know Your Competition

Intellicore Press has leveraged all of our professional knowledge about the blockchain market to provide a free guide for founders, developers, and marketing professionals to not only understand the market, but analyze their competitors, understand their customers, and develop strategies to grow, in ways that they may not have otherwise considered.  We have utilized our intimate and international knowledge of the markets to identify goals that your startup should aim to achieve, while simultaneously recognizing obstacles that your startup should seek to overcome.

The Intellicore Market Research Bootcamp

… And Win!

We know that digital marketing is constantly evolving, and the blockchain space is emerging as the most exciting technological sector in a long time.  Our free guide delivers invaluable advice to blockchain startups worldwide, and help them not only survive, but thrive, in one of the most promising markets of the future: Blockchain.

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