How to Work with an Agency

It's easier than you think

So, you need a convincing and well-researched whitepaper for your project, a solid business plan for your brand new startup, or expertly written content to infuse your old marketing routines with new life.

But where do you even start?

Hiring someone can become very costly very fast, and what if they are not a good fit? Where to find a decent freelancer – and what if they deliver too late, or not at all?

And an agency will surely eat the whole available budget, and then some. And you never know if they are going to deliver according to your expectations or something completely different. Once you have an agency on the job, you lose all control over the process.



At Intellicore Press, we make all our processes completely transparent to our clients. Every step of the way, you know exactly what input is required from you, which tasks have been completed and what is coming up next.

For every project, we quote a fixed price that will only ever be changed in case you explicitly decide to change the project scope.

And we check back with you every so often to make sure that your expectations and our work is aligned in the best possible way.

Follow the steps to your project’s success in our new infographic, “How to Work with Intellicore Press” (click to enlarge):

How to Work with Intellicore Press

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