Freelance Blockchain Writing Jobs: 6 Ways to Find Them

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We could talk about writing for the blockchain niche for hours – but nothing will teach you as much as having your first few real clients.

But – assuming you’re not a regular on, don’t have a crypto wallet of your own, and maybe didn’t even know about blockchain until last week – where to find them?

Blockchain Writing Jobs: 5 Ways to Find Them
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Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:


The incumbent of freelance marketplaces. You’ll find a wide variety of blockchain-related writing gigs here, from the odd article to (semi-)permanent positions to whitepaper writing and consulting. Not every new freelancer will be accepted, though, so take care to present yourself in the most favourable light when setting up your profile – it will be reviewed by the Upwork team.


Like Upwork, Fiverr is not blockchain-specific. Unlike Upwork, it is focused on standardized gigs, and the fee range tends to be somewhat lower.

Crypto Jobs List

This site is rather new but has some serious activity by clients and freelancers. You can view their Blockchain Writing Jobs category without having a profile of your own (though you’ll need one to apply for jobs and be invited). Features freelance gigs as well as employee positions.

XBT Freelancer

This site offers mostly lower-paying article writing jobs, sometimes in niches (read: games and porn) which don’t help a lot in assembling a solid mainstream blockchain portfolio (your mileage may vary).

DREAM (formerly: Moneo)

Here, you’ll find well-paid whitepaper or ICO content writing jobs regularly, with solid support for both clients and freelancers. It’s definitely worth having a profile on this site.


Reddit is not a marketplace per se; more like the greasy corner pub of the net where you can find lots of information you need – and lots you wished you hadn’t found. Let’s focus on the first category: Two “sub-reddits” are useful for freelancers looking for blockchain-related writing gigs in particular.

  • forhire – you won’t be able to post your own ad here if you haven’t been a regular contributor of Reddit for some time, but you can browse the “hiring” ads and send a private message to anyone who has posted a job you’re interested in.
  • Jobs4Bitcoins – as the name says, you’ll only find jobs paid in crypto here – decide for yourself if that’s okay with you.

That a marketplace is a good business model to be implemented on a blockchain is old news in startup circles. Therefore, many Upwork clones have sprung up all over the place. If you’re start starting out and still waiting for the first few jobs to come in – that is, if you need something to do in order to keep you from checking your inbox every five minutes – consider having additional profiles on a couple of newer sites that don’t have as much traffic yet but may also put you in touch with the odd client. On all of them, you can find blockchain writing jobs.

These are all crypto-based marketplaces. Most of them come with their own crypto wallets, but you’ll need to set up a way to convert your crypto earnings to fiat (for beginners, that could be a Coinbase account, but beware of the fees).






And finally, a bonus way to find freelance blockchain writing jobs: Get in touch with us, we’re hiring!

Please include a couple of writing samples in your e-mail (links or PDFs), and a few words on your previous professional experience, whether in online or offline industries.

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