Writing about IT, less badly

Write About IT, Less Badly

2018-12-10 Madeleine Work 0

I sat down with Christina Czeschik to discuss her recently published book, Write About IT, Less Badly. As technology becomes more relevant to our daily lives, it’s becoming equally more important to bridge the gap […]

How to Work with an Agency

How to Work with an Agency

2018-11-29 Christina Czeschik 0

So, you need a convincing and well-researched whitepaper for your project, a solid business plan for your brand new startup, or expertly written content to infuse your old marketing routines with new life. But where […]

Are ICOs dead?

Are ICOs Dead (Again)?

2018-09-16 Christina Czeschik 0

Question: What was the most popular smartphone app during the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany? . . . Answer: None. The iPhone was not introduced until 2007. This question illustrates how quickly new technologies […]